Recent Before & After Photos

City buildings

When our key towns call us with damage at city hall. We answer and get the project done in less than one day. They are the life force for the community and can ... READ MORE

Unseen Damage

Often time there is damage behind a wall that can not be seen by the naked eye. Moisture meters are often used to check material wetness and how far the water i... READ MORE

Seasonal Office Cleaning

Are you a small business owner who just does not have time to keep up with office organization? WE offer Quarterly or bi-annual cleaning to keep you going and h... READ MORE

Custom work for special Clients

When we are working at a job site regardless of why we are there, many times clients have special requests. Some of these requests are fairly simple and we can ... READ MORE

Churches even need our help

A water leak from above dropped hundreds of gallons of water down into this church.. This area is some times used for the children and food serving. So there wa... READ MORE

Recessed Hutches even need to be removed at times

Water follows the path of least resistance and always searches a path from wet to dry. This can mean behind special builds within the home. No matter your level... READ MORE

Contractor Cleanup

This client had freshly painted wall to prepare to sell their home. The flooring contractor came in and laid new wood floors down and left dusty dirty hand prin... READ MORE

Masonry Cleaning

Did you know that we have a product that can bring new life to your old dirty brickwork inside your home that requires no water or dry ice. An older home whose ... READ MORE

Sewage damage

Mushrooms yes mushrooms can grow when very contaminated water infiltrates areas of your home it is not supposed to. Such as a sewage back up. If you look closel... READ MORE