What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Water leaked thru my basement windows and ruined all my important memories. The team helped me sort thru the damage versus undamaged and removed all water. Would use again. Team was friendly 

We had damage from a storm and they came out so quickly. Thank you and they dealt with our insurance. 

Chris came out after we had talked to Ben about a tree that fell into our house. He was amazing, he came up with a plan and had his team here in less than an hour. It was a huge mess but they really helped us out and let us decide what we wanted to keep before throwing anything else out. 

Small retaining walls and the ocean do not mix. We found that out the hard way when the a storm rolled through Winthrop and flooded half the town. Our condo unit was ok but our storage in the basement of the building was not. Ben sent over his team and helped us go through everything that was or was not able to be saved then dried out the space so we could start over. We wanted to let you know you team made this hard process much easier. Thank you so much 

A tornado ripped our roof off along with others near us. Debris was everywhere. Home was a mess stuff was just everywhere and our home was ruined. Ben and his team came in to help us clean it all up. We were surprised they even took the stuff from our backyard that was not even our stuff. We are so thankful he came out to help us.

Storms and high tides, left chest deep salt water in our home. What a mess we lost appliances, dishes, curtains, clothing cabinets, furniture walls, flooring you name it. Ben and his team  came in and took it all and help us document it all for the insurance company. You guys did a great job.