What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

We were making our Christmas Eve meal when we had a grease fire. They came out that night and helped remove all soot and debris. 

I called at 2am in morning because we had a fire in my house. They came out within an hour and gave me security I was in right hands. 

We had a small fire damage from electrical issues. They helped us out some much, Will use again if I need it.

We do not know what happened just that our smoke alarms went off in the middle of the night. Once we realized what was going on and it was not a false alarm we got out and called 911. In the morning our insurance agent told us to call SERVPRO. You guys made everything so easy.. Thank you 

Someone dropped a curling iron into a bathroom sink full of water at the house. It caused a fire at the electrical outlet. Our 2nd floor had a lot of damage. Our insurance adjuster told us to call SERVPRO. We could not be happier that did. They were able to provide us with all the special contractors that we needed, Plumbers, electricians, re-construction companies you name it they had someone to recommend. We were so glad to have their help because we did not know what to do. 

SERVPRO came out after a small kitchen fire we had put out in time. That foam made quite a mess, along with the fire and smoke damage. SERVPRO was able to get in and remove all the damage and clean everything so quickly. It was great. 

A home next to ours caught fire. Everyone got out safely thank goodness but their home was a total loss. Our home being right next to theirs was severely impacted by the smoke. We did not know what to do. We did not have our windows open or anything but we had a layer of soot on almost everything. We called SERVPRO of East Boston and they came right out with these special sponges and cleaners. It was amazing so grateful.