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Why SERVPRO? We are a small business too

12/11/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why SERVPRO? We are a small business too SERVPRO of East Boston, Chelsea, Revere is your local Water, Fire, Mold Remediation company that delivers you corporate service with local flair.

Did you know that SERVPRO is a local small business? Yes that is right while we have a strong brand behind us supporting our efforts we are a local business. We live in and around the community that we serve. We suffer the same environmental disasters that you do. Our houses have roof leaks in torrential rains. The yards and basements flood when the tides are too high or the storm drains are overloaded.

This pulse on the community separates us from those that live outside of the area or do not understand the challenges of the area. Our team sits on the same streets day in and day out that you do trying to get in to the tunnel out of eastie. We also tug along the bridge driving out of Chelsea. When the lanes on the bridge are closed and 4st exit is inaccessible it affects our teams just as much as it does our clients and those who live out that way. If your street and homes are flooded because the ocean spilled over the causeway again. Know that we will work and do our best to reach you as soon as it reopens up.

As a small local business we work to promote others. Over Small business Saturday we were out in full force with the Revere Chamber of commerce promoting small business in the community. We went and visited some great local business getting ideas for the holiday season of gifting coming up.

Making some local connections is not only the life blood of a small business but it is also the life blood of the cities that we work in. Knowing what the needs of the community are helps us to provide a better service for our clients. Understanding everything from dangerous intersections for pedestrians, to which areas are more prone to flooding. Allows us to better navigate along the roads keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Some of the key places that are strong members of the community are Oceanview kennels who takes in all the pups that have been lost until their families can be found. Or Beach sales that makes sure the best options are available for all your home needs. When we popped over to Kinship florist and saw the beauty that they bring with each display handmade with that little something special. Walking into The Good Diner is like walking into your mother’s kitchen with the wonderful smells and big smiles always welcoming and glad to see you if you stay for a spell or take it to go. Luberto’s was hard at work setting up their window displays for the holiday season. We can not wait to see what they do. It is always such a beautiful store front. Sitting with these businesses allows to add a personal touch to the mundane every day things that we do.

We have a strong relationship with not only the local Chambers of commerce but also the Cities that we work in. Being a community means taking the good with the bad. Which means when there are problems that arise, we try to hear the call and do what we can. We have worked on collecting coats and clothing for an ever growing list kids in need within the city. There have been donations to Oceanview Kennels for the pups to have warm blankets while they wait for new homes or their owners to show up to the bail them out. We have spoken with town officials about the opioid problem and worked to clean up areas of the city for beautification process. Participating in the mutli-cultural events such as the Moroccan festival celebrating the diversity of our service area. These events and more really keep us in touch with the cities. There are members of our team that are even on the Board of directors for some of the local chambers and actively participate in others as well.

As this year comes to a close it is also important to know we support the local first responders that keep our cities safe. They daily put their lives on the line. Supporting the fire and police departments especially when they lose one of there own is essential. It has been a tough year for local engine houses. Fires during the winter months are especially tough. Coming off of the Merrimack Valley gas disaster has tested our first responders to the limits. We want them to know we are thankful for every day they show up and put their lives on the line for our safety.

So when you say why SERVPRO .. you have to really look at the fact that we have the backing of the corporate brand to handle any size disaster that comes our way with the local home town feel. We can be faster to any disaster and will work with you to make it “Like it never even happened.”


11/12/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Training Training your staff and having the proper relationships with all that you work with. That is what makes the difference between good and great.


The training SERVPRO has as minimum requirements is extensive. Throughout each division of the company training is a vital part of everything that we do. SERVPRO has dedicated a great deal of time and energy into proprietary software to log, track, manage and process your claim. Members of staff at every level have a working knowledge of this software allowing us to track your job progress, log adjusters’ notes, questions and concerns so everyone is aware of its status.

Many members of our team are also cross-trained. This makes sure each person knows what is expected, how things affect our clients and what should be done on each call.

A strong understanding of each community coupled with the ability to address those needs is an important part of every business. Having the right people to address those needs is what makes every business great. We at SERVPRO are committed to this process. Training and development of our staff is the best way we know how.

Field training: Our on-site team receives hours of hands on training in all various aspects of our service offerings. Various techniques are required for each type of job we do. While every job we encounter is very different as are the needs of each client. When a Fire, Water, Mold, Smoke disaster strikes it is comforting to know that the experience that comes with those working in your home eases the process.

Supervisor Training: Our field supervisors training is a step above the rest with a litany of certifications ranging from EPA Lead Safe Renovation, Applied Structural Drying, Water Restoration Training, Subrogation training. Estimating writing certifications for the same software that the insurance adjusters use is also obtained. These certifications help provide peace of mind that the job will be done correctly the first time.

Office Training: Our office staff works tirelessly reviewing your claim prior to sending it off to the insurance company. Each insurance company has varied requirements for what they want to see when they are processing a claim. Working closely with the field team our office staff produces just what each agent is looking for. Smoothing out and streamlining the process ensures that your claim is paid quickly and your rebuild can begin promptly. Bi- annual training sessions that encourage team collaboration really strengthens the resolve to be the best. It allows provides various team members that would not otherwise meet to put a face to the name.

Operational training: The operational teams training is very similar to the office team. There are added levels of knowledge of things such as Human Resources, Accounts receivable and payable. The operational team also works with various vendors to promote the smoothest transition possible. Maintaining relationships with plumbers, electricians, reconstruction teams, dumpster companies and other various companies. These strong relationships are crucial in determining the speed at which we can work through your claim.

Sales/marketing Training: Marketing degrees are held by our team members in this position. Having a solid understanding of our how and what happens through a claim is extremely important. They have a lot of the same certifications and training that the field receives. With working hands on working days as well. Our sales and marketing team must have a pulse on the community. Understanding the needs of the variety of clients we serve both commercially and residentially. What happens on one side of the city may be very different on the other. Through local chamber of commerce participation, networking groups and many other community involvement activities we are able to stay right on top of everything. They have degrees in marketing along with a lot of field certifications. The team also works to highlight the first responders of each area. Maintaining relations with city officials and holding the SERVPRO brand to a higher standard.

So when you are asking Why SERVPRO? It may be easier to say Why not SERVPRO? There are many moving pieces to your claim. Having the properly certified, insured and registered professionals at your fingertips is the key to getting back to “Like it never even happened”