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1/12/2016 (Permalink)

Mold can appear in more than just bathrooms Take a look around.

Mold remediation

Did you know there a lot of different kinds of mold, while some of the names may be foreign you may find that they are more common than you thought. If you have any doubts about the conditions in your home please make sure you call a professional. They have the testing equipment and the certified knowledge of how to get rid of any potential issues properly. 

Just because you cannot see something does not mean  it is not there so use all of your senses and trust your instincts. Check out where these types of molds can hide and take a look around.


These stachybotrys molds grow on high cellulose material such as wood, wicker, hay, paper and cardboard. They are also commonly called ‘black mold’ and sometimes ‘toxic black mold’. This mold requires very wet or high humid conditions for days or weeks in order to grow.


Aspergillus is the most common household mold.  There are over 185 species of Aspergillus  and 22 species are known to cause human illness. They can be found in almost any home or office on damp walls, wallpaper, PVC/paper wall covering, gypsum board, floor, carpet and mattress dust, upholstered-furniture dust, acrylic paint, leather, HVAC insulations, filters and fans, humidifier water, shoes, leather, bird droppings and potted plant soil, plastic and decomposing wood.


Over 30 species of Cladosporium Species some produce olive-green to brown or black colonies, and have dark-pigmented conidia that are formed in simple or branching chains. They can be found on living and dead plant material but may grow on surfaces when moisture is present


Common in soils these mucor molds are also often found along air conditioning systems and ducting. They are fast-growing, whitish to greyish, with usually thick growth.


Penicillin you may know as the miracle medicine but the penicillin mold can grow in your home on both walls and on a forgotten sandwich. Commonly found in soil, food, grains, paint, carpet, wallpaper, interior fiberglass duct insulation, and rotting vegetation.


Is a common soil fungus. It is found on a variety of plants as well as humidifiers.

If you think that you have any thing that resembles any of the above descriptions please make sure that you call someone to have it checked out.  So that any potential problems do not get worse or cause a larger more severe problem later down the road.

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